Prize Giveaway and Funny Delete Your Facebook Video

Prize Giveaway and Funny Delete Your Facebook Video

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! I haven’t done a prize giveaway in a little while… so why not?  Read on McDuff and submit your guess in the comments below.  The prize will be available forever – until someone claims it.  I personally haven’t been on Facebook for years now.  Four maybe?  No idea.  And I can assure you Bacefook denizen, that leaving will not do you irrevocable harm.  I promise.  It’s really ok out here.

Actually, I just lied to you.  I have a Facebook account right now.  I have had it for a year or two.  I’ve logged into it two or three times mainly just to keep an eye on FB as opposed to them keeping an eye on me.  I used bogus information from top to bottom – and I only have one friend.  Hahah – ONE FRIEND.  How brilliant is that?

And you know what – if you are interested in a Starbucks Gift Card… I will give it to the first person that identifies the profile name of that bogus account that I use.  Simple enough?  Find my account and I will mail it to you post haste.  Seriously.  Just post the name in the comments (which I will then RAPIDLY delete, thank you very much!)  hahaha.  And off I go to the US Postal Office.  (Can’t I just buy an online number and email the number?!?  Wouldn’t that be more efficient?!  Sorry, just thinking outloud.)

For those of you who don’t know me well… the key to finding me will lie in the one friend that I have.  Backtrace (My favorite word of all time) to the most probable friend – and then work from there.  There really is no other way to find me on BaceFook.  So, that is the one hint that I will give.  I mean, there is a STARBUCKS giftcard on the line!!!  That’s one less Starbucks card for me!  Starbucks is serious business.  I can’t go just willy nilly giving the whole thing away!

I really am not much of a security freakazoid.  I have friends that tell me the risk I am in by not being a security freazakoid.  But what they don’t understand is that I comprehend at a much too deep of a level just how insecure the whole of the wild wild web really is.  Not many know this about me but I spent my high school and college years learning computer systems and how to hack into them.  Colleges, banks, government systems… whatever really.  So I actually agree with everyone that is zeaked out about security, I just think there is nothing we can do about it in a modern society unless you don’t want to live like Ted Kaczynski!  hahaha.

But here comes an argument I can actually get behind that has security wrapped into the center of it. Matthias, a YouTube video-comedian-ographer (or whatever) explains his reason for quitting on Facebook this weekend. Apparently Facebook is going to turn on your mic to record whats playing in the background when you are posting a status? Apparently Facebook is lying about what they are going to do with that data? This guy is funny. And I actually wish I could be his friend… which is the only real reason why I’m resposting his video… so that maybe he’ll call me and say thanks. And then we can be besties, forever.

Or something.