Top Stunt Videos On Youtube Right Now

Top Stunt Videos On Youtube Right Now

#1 – Speed Flying Hotel Split

Speed flying is a hybrid of paragliding and parachuting. This practitioner of the extreme sport goes for a thrilling ride in Oahu. After running off the mountain, he shoots along dangerously close the ground and then into the open sky over the Makaha Valley Towers, and that’s when things get really insane…

#2 – Couple of Speed Kayakers Lose Control

It took these two kayakers a couple minutes to pull together the courage to drop in on this drainage ditch. After watching what happened next… I completely get it. This is not your average run of the mill Kayaking trip by any means.

#3 – Longest Car Jump Attempt

Notice the word ATTEMPT in this title. This doesn’t go well for the driver in the end. It’s a much longer video than the rest, but the build up is definitely worth it. Let’s hope he tries again.

#4 – Proximity Flying, Shooting the Gap

This is the greatest of all batsuit free-diving videos by far. It could just be the AWOLNATION soundtrack… though I doubt it. Notice at the minute forty mark where the guy holding the balloons just about gets pulverized and completely abandons ship at the last second. Gorgeous flight. Just amazing.  And if you want to see what happens when this same guy, Jeb Corliss, bottoms out and creams a boulder field, but lives to tell the story you can see it here.

#5 – Ok, More Insane Bat Suit Proximity Flying

Ok, so the last video is the best single video out there today. But this particular video, HAS THAT FOOTAGE IN IT… as well as other insanity I can’t even begin to explain or fathom. Guys flying through waterfalls?! Running along rock paths at 10 feet clearance? Not sure if you know this, but one of my top unfulfilled bucket list items is to go parachuting.  But dammit, if I wouldn’t give an appendage to try this proximity flying out just once.  wow.

#6 – Crazy Nitro Circus Bike Stunts

These guys are nuts. But my favorite jump by far was Number 5. The Special Flip. Hehe. Totally insane. I wouldn’t try to do ANY of this crap right here. The parachuting I’d try. But no way, no thanks on this dirt bike business.


I have had a pile of crazy videos sort of squirreled away that I would watch on occasion, right? Heading into a big meeting. Need some crazy proximity flying for some extra ampage? Got it, check. But until I started assembling a pile to put in one post I had never heard of Nitro Circus. Um, these guys are Nuts! Just watch the mayhem. Its the outtakes of the crashes that are most intense.

#8 – Parkour FreeRunning Insanity

The distance and the heights these guys leap is insane. I remember leaping from the top of a corn silo to the bottom of a basically empty shaft and thinking in mid-flight I was insane. And these guys are way beyond that kind of cray. This is nuts.

#9 – even more insanity

Notice that we have yet another highlight reel with Jeb highlighted all over again. He’s crazy is all I can say. And yet, my favorite one here was the base jumper that back flipped twice, then went BETWEEN THE WIRES… what?!? on his way before he pulled the rip. This is beyond.

#10 – More epic craziness

No idea whatsoever. More insanity.

Alright, I’m out guys. Glad I could share some of my favorite highlights with you all.