Joseph Michael And His Gorgeous Glow Worms

Joseph Michael And His Gorgeous Glow Worms

Joseph Michael has managed to find and capture the magical equivalent of summer evenings on the porch watching fireflies, but in enormously old caves under ground. I stare at the photos slacked jawed honestly. Here’s a blurb from Joseph Michael’s site for more context:

Arachacampa Luminosa is a species of glow-worm endemic to the island nation of New Zealand. These long exposure photographs were captured in a number of limestone caves in the North Island. The 30 million year old formations form a majestic backdrop to the bioluminescence of the glow-worms.

I could stare at this photos all day. In fact a few of them have taken up residence on various desktops that I spend a lot of time on. Just incredible. And actually, Joseph Michael’s other photos are amazing as well. He recently took a trip up… down… whatever, to Antarctica. And those are some crazy cool photos as well.