Mirror’s Edge Coming to New Consoles and Real Life

Mirror’s Edge Coming to New Consoles and Real Life

Some games are so different and gorgeous and compelling that you are forced to play them. I’ve always thought that that was the case for the Mirror’s Edge series. Mirror’s Edge is a parkour running game that challenges you to find pathways through the city and to avoid being shot and detained. Here… see what I mean:

prince-of-persia-360The city is bright white. All the paths that are available to you are floodlit with red. As you run you figure out your best options and choose the right paths on the fly. When its clicking Mirror’s Edge it makes you feel like a god among men. Its such an amazing feeling. Run, jump, tuck, grab, swing, grab, jump, tumble, leap, tumble, slide, swoop, tuck, drop… it just goes and goes. It’s that particular feeling that always made me love Prince of Persia on the 360. You just feel like you can do anything as you run, jump, and flip your way to the top of a tower.

But Mirror’s Edge takes this feeling to a whole new level that no other game has really made happen before.

“Come on girl… save us all.”

And now, a few guys have come together to recreate this feeling of this Parkour Madness from Mirror’s Edge in real life. And it is crazy. When I first started watching this clip I thought it was 100% fake. And when I realized that it was real, I about peed myself because what these guys are doing on these roofs.


Regardless, I’m sure that Mirror’s Edge is going to look off the hook when it is in 1080p running at 60 fps. I for one am definitely going to pick this one up the moment it first hits the stores.