A Glorious Way to Waste A Slow Afternoon

A Glorious Way to Waste A Slow Afternoon
So, just the other day, I did basically nothing. It’s rare I get nothing done because of the interwebs. But on this day, I became transfixed by a hash tag. The particular hash was #15secondshakespeare. I had heard of the hash before, where actors recited 15 seconds of Shakespearian brilliance and posted the video onto Twitter/Vine/what have you. But what I hadn’t seen before, was the fact that recently actors had been doing this 15 seconds of Shakespeare, but instead of using Shakespeare, they inserted current pop lyrics.

That was confusing. Let me come in again.

So now, #15secondshakespeare is an actorc, videoing, 15 seconds, of pop music lyrics, in a Shakespearian style.¬†How can that not be 100% brilliance? I can’t see a single instance of this formula not being brilliant. Here, we’ll try one out and you’ll see what I mean. This is @laurabaileyvo dropping a little Vanilla Ice for ya…

See? Absolutely lovely. Alright, what about Michael Sheen dropping a little Petshop Boys?

Arthur Darvill (of Doctor Who or Robin Hood fame) doing a little Michael Jackson Black and White?

And Ben Barns doing Usher’s “Yeah”…

And I’ll finish this run out with a little Iambic Pentameter and a wink

Admit it. You love these 15 second Shakespeare snippets from pop music just as much as I do. You know you do.