New Liquid Clock Rhei In Development

New Liquid Clock Rhei In Development

I totally got deeply geeked out about this clock when I first saw the website and the gifs of how the clock will work. I tripped out on the promotional video and totally loved the intricate design elements throughout the production process. And then I saw the working clock and went, meh. You covered up all the good bits! The magnets moving. The metal back casing. The support rods! Everything is covered! What were you thinking?!? Here, I’ll show you what I mean.




I mean, isn’t that amazing. The work? The design? The milling? The science? And then you end up with this?


They really need to drop the back white panel… no? Show us the magnets! Show us the work they put into it! Bah, but I adore this concept. Almost like a lava lamp clock. OH DAMMMM… that would be awesome. Patent Pending! Everyone step back from the awesome idea. Step away from the Nobel Peace Prize, award winning concept. Drop a light in back there, phosphoresce the liquid, and blamo! You have yourself the new pet rock.

Cough. If you don’t know what a pet rock is, or anything about the fad that was the pet rock phenomenon, then it means you are much too young to be here, on this old man blog. Go twitter or something. hehe.