Smug Creates New Mind Blowing Wall Mural

Smug Creates New Mind Blowing Wall Mural

Envy. Rife with Envy. I mean?!? Look at this thing?!? ENVY. All-caps. That is so gorgeous a bomb, I can’t even express to you what this does to me.

smug-2 smug-1


It’s the little things. How’d he get that circle so perfectly sketched? The left lighting of silver highlights?!? Gah, to die for. The comic book feel, yet the ultra realism at that scale? Plows me over. I’ve known about Smug (Sam Bates)  for a little while now by following his accolades out on Instagram. But this piece blows away anything he’s ever done before IMHO.

This painting (as most of his work is done) was painted in Glasgow (another wonderful place that I’ve yet to make it to, and is taunting me there on the map… just laughing at me). Smug has been working on a number of similarly themed wild life paintings to help rejuvinate the downtown Glasgow City Centre area. It was an effort that started back in 2008. Here is a quick interview with Smug while he’s graffiting a portrait.

And if you are interested in seeing a couple more select pieces from his ouevre, I’ve splattered a few more below for your ophthalmological enjoyment.