Westworld Season 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough and Explanation


I don’t want to have to say this twice. This entire post, including this sentence itself, is 100% spoiler material. (See? Don’t you feel violated? You should probably leave before it really starts to get truly ugly in paragraph two.) This post is going to be all about Season 2’s second episode. Ok? So, if you haven’t seen it yet. Please, do us all a huge favor, and walk away. Slowly turn around. And then run. Ok? Great.

Westworld Episode One Quick Recap

So last week, we talked about how, mainly… all things considered, ep1 was really just a fancy bow on the previous season. The events of the evening continued. And we saw that finalization of the overthrow of Westworld by the sentient hosts. Right? Sure there were a few new details that occurred, and a few questions that were opened. But over all, not a lot that was entirely new so far in season 2. But episode 2? A whole ‘nother story my friends. A whole ‘nother story.

Westworld Season 2 episode 2 Overview

When we kick off episode ep2 it goes straight for the jugular with Delores kicking the episode off in the real world. Yeah, you heard that right. Bernard (human Bernard) and Delores are having a conversation. But Bernard is protecting Delores and keeping her from something.

Bernard, “You and (my son) Charlie have a lot in common. So many people have stopped seeing it clearly, the wonder.”

Delores, “Maybe they don’t have the courage.”

<cut to>

Delores remembering backwards to her conversations with Bernard, and saying to some unfortunate human, “I used to see the beauty in this world. And now I see the truth. You thought no one would judge you, and now no one is here to judge what we do to you.”

Which, I have to say, could be said about Season 1 and its viewers and now Season 2. But I’ll discuss this later.

And can I perform one minor soliloquy here? Just one small aside? I have to say that Lisa Joy and Gina Atwater might as well be given poet screenwriters. There were so many lines in this movie that literally shocked me there were so good. For example, Maeve talking to Delores about not wanting to join her struggle, “Revenge is just another prayer at their altar and I’m well off my knees.” Right? That’s a capstone of a new religion worthy. It’s beyond bumper sticker worthy. It’s plaque and side o’ building worthy. Or… how about something like this?

But there are like 10 of these quotes in this episode alone. Such really really good, arresting dialogue that comes out of nowhere. Anyway, soliloquy side track complete.

Basically the episode kicks of with Logan getting pitched on Delos’ technology with a room full of hosts. They were challenging him to find the hosts among the group. And somewhere in here he talks about all the tech that he is pitched today. VR, AR, etc. These are all technologies happening today. Which has an impact in the Westworld Timelines. Where I’ll detail out the timeline overview of the show. Anyway, so right, Logan has his mind blown.

Then we jump to Delores and Teddy, and Delores’ telling the tech to open Teddy’s eyes. Which tells us a lot in a very short time. Teddy wasn’t infected with this sentience virus, if you will. He still doesn’t get what this is really all about. But he’s dedicated to Delores, and will follow her wherever. Open his eyes. Which obviously, is reference to the Philosopher’s Cave. But I’ve discussed that already in previous episodes more times than I can count.

But possibly one of the most delectable bits of Episode 2 was Delores and Teddy, as they were starting to collect their (let’s be honest, its her army… Teddy is still completely pansying it right now) army of desperados. They were keen to support her. But when, Delores, Angela, and Teddy mowed the entire crew down, I was like, well that wasn’t effective. Their army is dead now. But when Delores has the technician resurrect the entire crew? My mind was blown. This sets a new bar for the show. The hosts have this super power that the humans? Yeah, they don’t. So I predict that many in Delores’ army will be scarred beyond belief by the time the season ends. Yup. You heard it hear first sports fans.

As denoted above, We also have the setup for the entire season of conflict between Maeve and Delores. The real struggle will be not between the hosts and the humans, but rather between these two powerhouses of women. And I’m betting that Maeve will become critical to Delores’ success eventually. But who know. It’s all conjecture at this point. A

Westworld Timelines

I was going to lay out the timelines of season 1 and season 2, because they are really clear in my head right now. But, I really think I may just create an infographic of this information as the season goes on. Maybe update it as we go? Maybe something like my Dark family tree monster infographic. We shall see.

Initial Thoughts on Episode 2

I thought that Ep2 actually started the season. I know that some of my friends aren’t a fan of Delores kicking ass. But I adore it. And Maeve? She seems like she is being really true to herself and her nature to go hunting for her daughter. (Which, personally? Think will be a real human or some such insanity. Like, oh, I don’t know? Emily!? hahaha.) Anyway I love that the world is reform as a struggle between Delores and Maeve. Sure, it’s not this yet. But it will be. I’m also looking forward to our finally getting to see another park. Maybe there will be very similar host models there (read, casting bringing back old actors from season 1… who knows?) Overall though, I love that we flashing back to the real world. This opens up a million possibilities. Flash forwards to MIB timeline real world… etc. Lots of possibilities here.

Thoughts? What did you think of Episode 2?

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