Six months ago, THiNC. user Ally and I brought you the movie Parasite so that we could talk about it. But only a couple hundred of you took us up on it. Now though? Now though, with an Oscar win last night – I 100% guarantee you that hundreds of thousands of people are entering this search phrase into Google this morning, “Watch Movie Parasite.” Let me save you the hassle, you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime.

Parasite was a brilliant film. It is literally the definition of what we try to do here at THiNC., which is primarily to get you guys off the mental couch, and get you to think a bit. Parasite forced viewers to consider the realities of class warfare, and the implications of such. But are there other movies out there like it that are worth investigating? Sure, some of these are Korean films, but that isn’t what I was aiming for here. A lot of these are international films, but that’s just because it’s difficult to get movies like these made within the borders of the United States. My main goal here is to bring you out of the box movies that will make you think and will lean in the same direction Parasite did.

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

SNOWPIERCERIf you want to step very gently into this particular pool, Snowpiercer could be the way to go. A Bong Joon-ho film in English, and yet layered with Bong Joon-ho’s fingerprints all over it.

Watch Snowpiercer here: Netflix

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

Invisible GuestAnother international film (this time a film from Spain), this time it’s a mindjob head fake film, but with an in your face justice mindset going for it. You won’t see this one coming.

Watch Invisible Guest here: Netflix

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

Monos A Colombian war movie, lead by child soldiers. It follows a young group of kids that are charged with guarding a kidnapped American. But everything goes horribly wrong.

Watch Monos here: Youtube, Vudu, Play

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

A Day The movie A Day also happens to be a Korean film about a doctor who is stuck in a Groundhog Day sort of loop as he tries to figure out the moral and psychological chaos that has him locked in this loop.

Watch A Day here: Currently Unavailable?

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

Clouds of Sils Maria – Its a rare movie that turns the movie experience inside out. Sils Maria is a movie about the preparation for a movie. And it forces the viewer to question everything that is happening.

Watch Clouds of Sils Maria: Netflix

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

Forgotten A story about social justice? How could this be any closer to Bong Joon-ho’s wheelhouse? Also happens to be an enormous mindjob. So enormous, I can’t really say more than that without spoiling it.

Watch Forgotten here: Netflix

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

Wedding Guest – Some movies are so different, and so alternative to anything you’ve ever seen before that it makes you wonder where they come from. Wedding Guest is that kind of inside out movie experience. It might as well be an international travel log/spy thriller!

Watch Wedding Guest here: Hulu, Showtime

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

Tag or Riaru Onigokko – Tag is a Japanese dream world movie that seems to be too clever for its own good – that is, until you realize exactly what is happening here.

Watch it here: Tubi, Prime, Youtube

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

Remainder – this particular movie is one of my all time favorites. It’s basically a doctoral thesis on thinking differently, and mind explosions of various levels.

Watch it here: Prime UK

10 Other Movie's like Oscar Best Picture Winner Parasite

Incendies – There are a lot of twisty mindjobs with an international flavor in this list – but none so devastating as this one. International intrigue, torture, Middle East politics, suicide bombs, oedipal chaos…this movie has everything.

Watch it here: Youtube, Prime, iTunes

Do you guys have ten more internationally sorts of films that are on par with Parasite? Love to hear about more in the comments!

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7 Responses

  1. Kenny

    Hi Taylor, long time fan/first time commentor, love your site and breakdowns! The 2011 Norwegian movie ‘Headhunters’ is definitely worth checking out here. It’s a bit of a mishmash of mystery/black comedy/action/thriller kinda jam, starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jamie Lannister) and a few others that would be relatively unknown on this side of the pond. Take a look and consider doing a breakdown for it, it’s a very fun movie that has its share of twists and turns, would fit right in. I believe it may be the highest grossing Norwegian movie of all time too #funfact. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  2. Lisa

    I was so excited when Parasite won! I think I jumped up and down a bit. For months I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know and everyone was wishy washy because of the subtitles. Sigh. I think I’ve seen most of the films on this list. I have to check a few. I watch so many films that sometimes I have to read a synopsis to remember I saw it or even start watching it again only to realize 20 minutes in that I’ve already seen the film!

  3. Lisa

    So I went to watch Headhunters and 10 minutes in I realized I did see it some years ago. But I recall now it was a really good film. It should definitely be on this site! The main character is such a weasel!

  4. Kenny

    Awesome! Thanks for taking a look. Will be sure to pass along any others that I can

  5. Beez

    Korean movie Phantom Detective. I’m not sure I understood what it was trying to do eexactly but it was fun enough that I’ve watched it twice. On Amazon Prime.

    Also Korean movie Searching for the Elephant (also called Penthouse Playboys on Amazon Prime for some unknown reason). Again the movie leaves you thinking “what did I just watch?”


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