5 Best Mind Bending Movies

Looking for a movie to mess with your mind? Join us as we detail out the top 5 Best Mind Bending Movies of all time. These are amazing films!

A List of Inception Quotes

To help us understand Inception better, I have listed out a list of inception quotes. These quotes give us insight into how Inception really works.
The 7 Layers of Inception

New Inception Infographic

A really nice New Inception Infographic coming from a design competition thrown by FastCompany. Really a great new infographic!

10 Troubling Inception Questions

Join us as we tackle 10 Inception Questions. What is Limbo? How do the dream rules work? Who dreamed each layer? And a pile more.

Inception Totems Explanation

Join us for an Inception Totems Explanation - each totem is unique and as different as the character - but what is Cobb's totem?!? Come find out.

Memento Explained

Memento Explained is an attempt at deconstructing one of the greatest movies ever. Nolan's masterpiece, Memento is confusing but can be explained.

7 Dream Layers of Inception

There are 7 Layers of Inception - promise. Are you confused about what is going on in Nolan's movie Inception? Join us as we dissect each one.

Video as Painting

Its rare a video completely stops me in my tracks and makes me crane my neck. But this video popped my head clean off its shoulders. Check it out.

The craziness of life

Sometimes life gets all but too much to handle. Workloads pile up, responsibilities expand, timelines crunch and expectations quadruple. And for some of us, normal life might even hover in this zone for exten...

Believe in Eli?

Pardon me while I turn this apocalyptic shoot'em up into one big theological aside - but I can't help myself. If you don't mind, I'd like to take a second out to talk with those of you that think similarly as Eli about the Bible. Whether you think of yourself as a Christian or not - if you think the Bible's one main overriding message is that we should "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" you've got it all wrong.

Web2.0 Attention Your Co. DOESNT Want

Yeah we all know how Social Networks can help our causes, but what about how they can desperately hurt us? This is a prime example of what NOT to do in the web2.0 space. Heed this warning or perish!
Jesus Didn't Answer 5 Questions

Compassion On the Move

Do you work for someone you find yourself wanting to brag about? Maybe you should go look for an employer that makes you want to sing their praises. You really should. I've worked for others that I wasn't embarrassed about... but I definitely wouldn't publish the fact that I worked there. But to be able to just scream how fantastic your employer is - to be able to just scream it from the roof tops is really something.

A Nerd Gets Tattooed

So this past weekend I did something extremely un-impulsively crazy. I got a tattoo. Yeah, that's right... me, the geekiest white guy on the planet... a tattoo. The nerd in your class that looked down his nose at all you unconventional types. The guy who never swore, never drank and probably the last thing on his mind, ever, was a tattoo. Fairly surreal still actually.