Interview with Dan Marker-Moore The Time Slice Maven

I want to time travel. This is a known fact. But in case you thought I was lacking proof, I give you this, and this, some of this, and this. Need more? But this? I actually thing these photos from Dan Marker-Moore are more time travel street cred than all the previous links combined. You wanna know why? I'm idiot, of course you want to know why, I mean, that was possibly the greatest build up to an intro ever.

An Interview With Sculptor Ellen Jewett

The representational elements, the animals, plants and objects, manifest in the same fashion. I start to make a horse only to discover it wants to be a goat, and its legs become a sea shell. I find it easy to tap into imaginative flow states and the imagery finds itself.

An Interview With Painter Genius Adam Vinson

Thank you. I really appreciate you saying that because most of my “backgounds” are conceptions. It’s my way of taking a break from the regimen of tight painting. Many of those backgrounds are applied with palette knife, scraped and reapplied. Usually a few layers deep. I work off instinct and my mind rather than what is in front of me.

Interview With Magnificent Sculptor Kendra Haste

The ‘Royal Beasts’ commission at the Tower of London was an open competition. I made initial concept drawings with examples of my work , was shortlisted and then pitched for the project. The Tower of London, as you say, is an extraordinarily special place and I was thrilled to be selected.

Seth Clark Artist and Destroyer of Worlds Interview

Seth Clark Artist and Destroyer of Worlds Interview I have a dirty little secret to share with all of you today.  It will come as a blow to many of you.  But, if you would just sit down for a moment, we'...

Timecrimes Movie Explanation and Interview With Nacho Vigalondo

When I first watched TimeCrimes, I was struggling to understand if the TimeCrimes time travel system was deterministic or if time could actually change as the movie moved forward. A lot of this confusion centered around the young woman... who she was, how many times did she die? Did she die at all? Was Hector's wife killed and then saved? Was she killed at all? Etc. I also wasn't sure how the time machine worked. But seeing as though this was the first time that a "vertibrate had entered" the machine, they didn't understand it either.

New Game Called Parallax Interview With Zi Ye and Jesse Burstyn

Start small. If you have an idea that you think is small, make it smaller. Also, your game will never be good enough if you are constantly raising the bar. Have a clear and complete plan for your project at all times, even if it changes. One good, finished game is better than ten amazing, abandoned games. Parallax was rewritten and redesigned 8 times, and we went on two hiatuses spanning years, and every time we tried to pick up the project again, it just wasn't "good enough", because we had no plan. We wasted a lot of time, but we are finally here now!

Interview with Artist David Spriggs

These installations require enourmous amounts of time and work to plan, prepare the room, paint, and install. In the artwork ‘Stratachrome’ for example, there are 400 sheets of transparency each hand painted with different imagery. Each sheet is 14 x 5 ft. or 4.2 x 1.5 m, that’s a surface area of 28 000 square ft or 8 534 square metres. All of which had to be hung and lit specifically throughout the span of the gallery.