Induction Puzzle Platformer Time Travel Fun

Induction Puzzle Platformer Time Travel Fun

I just caught wind of an awesome new game under development.  At PAX East this week apparently Bryan Gale is developing a new puzzle game that is supposed to jack with your brain.  We recently have been having a lot of fun learning about a number of fun games that are coming our way and many of them are going to be quite simply amazing.  Well now we have a new game coming in the front end of 2016 that seems to me to be two parts Braid, and one part iPhone platformer infinite golf, maybe?  I don’t know.

The game is called Induction and it is really trying to push the player to the limits… which are games that I really can get into. When we first start out we are presented with small levels with gradually bigger problems to solve.  The goal is to push cylindrical objects on to specific platforms which then create bridges, which then open new ways to move on through the level.  The trick is, time travel and ghost you’s are involved. See?  I turned left when you expected me to go right, didn’t I? Why don’t we take a peek at this quick quick demo video to get a better idea of what this game appears to be about:

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Alright, so what is this Induction Puzzle Platformer Time Travel Fun all about then? After watching the video I’ll be darned if it totally doesn’t look like Braid or Parallax maybe. You can see in the video that there are hints that the cylinders are the only thing going on here.

So, like Braid, you can move through a level once, and then hit a certain button, and then the game level resets and the level runs again with our now ghost moving through the level as he did previously… and you are also there still, where you were, and you too will be able to interact with the map as well.

So basically, one self will be able to open up areas that were un reachable with a linear timeline only in play.  The second you will then be able to move own deeper into the levels than you could have on your own.  Ghost self pushes off cylinder, real self receives cylinder and continues forward, and as the levels become more complex I’m sure there will be opportunities for multiple multiple you’s.

Now these are the kinds of games that just get my wheels turning.  I’m currently so excited about Induction that I have calls into Bryan to see if he will give us more of a preview. Can’t wait for all these new games to hit the shelves.