Top 25 Movie Mindjob Countdown – Uncanny

As I explained – in this much too long post – I have decided to mine the depths of this site’s intellectual movie capital of crazy awesome movies and craft a top 25 movies list. Now, this movies list will be unlike any other movie list you’ve ever seen. Why? Because Quality and Unknownness will be equally weighted. And lucky for you, I built an algorithm to find and surface the crazy mindjobs that no one has heard of so that I can bring them to you in this top twenty five countdown. Right? So yes, the top 25 movie mindjob countdown – The Uncanny . Our list so far:

Can’t wait to see this list grow as we find more and more movies that are below your radar… And here is the total list of every movie published so far.

Top 25 Movie Mindjob Countdown - Uncanny - and the most overlooked mindjob movies of the last decade or so.

Number 11 – Uncanny

Few movies PERFECTLY represent everything I am trying to do here at THiNC. Very very few really. Sure, I talk a lot about movies. But most are 70 or 80% matches. Uncanny though? 110% It is literally the reason I spend so much of my life huddled over my laptop in Starbucks and other hole in the wall dives in order to bring you these movies. Uncanny is a mindjob on top of a mindjob, inside of a mindjob. It is the kind of movie that will keep you arguing with it and yourself, long after the credits are over. Heck, Uncanny will Möbius strip itself one final time DURING the credits.

I mean, look at the comments of my post about Uncanny – I think there are well over 150 comments there. And even still I get emails occasionally even now asking – “Yes, I read your 3,000 word walk through, and all the comments – but WHAT HAPPENED?!?” hahaha.

Here’s the setup – similar to Ex Machina, Joy, a tech insider is invited to come and evaluate a new AI robot – Adam, that David has created. There are really only three people in this movie, but we also see one other person, played by Rainn Wilson, in the role of Castle… Yeah. I really can’t say too much, because there are so many spoilers to be had. Which, will just turn out to be head fakes. hahaha. But I want you going in blind. This movie is just about Joy, David, and Adam. It’s about the idea of sentience. And about the Uncanny valley. And what is it that we will do when that valley completely disappears?

If you’d like to watch this amazing movie right now – you can find it right here, on Prime or even with ads. You are welcome. After watching – make sure you join the discussion right here, and tell us what you think happened at the end. Did David release the bubonic plague, or was that Castle? (Psych! Just kidding! There was no bubonic plague in this movie! hahaha. Sorry, that made me giggle like a schoolgirl.)

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