Top 25 Movie Countdown – Starfish

This post is the culmination of 25 weeks – almost half a year – of my ultra confusing, yet ultra-enlightened top 25 underrated movie mindjobs list. Week by week, for 25 weeks, I brought you a new movie that was completely overlooked and totally underrated by the public at large. Did you catch that “underrated” bit? Because I built an algorithm to mine the data from several different movie databases (IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes) in order to watch ticket sales and innate popularity, just to find the least popular film mindjobs out there.

And that is because THiNC. is all about finding movies that have flown under the radar. I mean, who wants to watch another Marvel movie? Huh? No. You don’t. I don’t. (Trust me on this – I know a lot of you disagree with me on this one, but review the contents of this list again and tell me that these movies don’t blow you away. I mean, with a straight face.) These are movies that break Hollywood’s mold and don’t even look back. But better yet – no one knows about them.

And for our final movie of this list – Starfish – this movie is brilliant, and better yet, absolutely no one has heard of it. Starfish’s domestic – hahah, better yet – its global take? It was $15,849. Let me say that for you again. Fifteen thousand eight hundred and forty nine dollars. Even better yet, it has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 91%.

If you think I’ve been unfair in my ranking of my list, of this my favorite underrated mindjob movies, I explained my algorithm in this too long post. (Yes, I used the possessive pronoun “my” a lot in that sentence.) Alright, our completed list of underrated mindjob movies:

It was a blast pulling this list together. I have loved watching this list grow. And if you want to revisit this list in the future, here are all our movies. Now, be super careful with this trailer – if you want to go into this movie totally blind – this trailer will definitely spoil those hopes. Personally, I’d skip it, and heck, if the past 24 movies haven’t given me any credibility with you yet, I never will!

Number 1 – Starfish

The movie is a confusing amalgam. It’s unclear even what it is. And it is this duality that makes this movie so great. Starfish starts with a funeral, and sideways slips into a global alien invasion.

The movie is an ode to grief and intimate loss all while grieving the loss of the inhabitants of the entire planet. And then it moves into an attempt to save the world…of sorts. I literally can’t say more than that without giving the movie away. And trust me…you do not want me to give this particular movie away.

When I was talking about this movie in my original review/discussion, I said that this movie is two parts Cloverfield, three parts Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and five parts I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore. And actually that is the perfect blend of various film worlds in my opinion. Better yet, the film leaves us with a ton to talk about, and even more to figure out. What could be better than that? (Please don’t tell me you are one of those, wrap it up with a bow types…I truly dislike your sort. Grrr.)

If you are hoping to watch the pinnacle movie of my top 25 list, the cheapest place to do so is on Hulu. No Hulu? Well, I see it over on Amazon Prime, as well as Google Play for a couple bucks each. And after you finish it, you should join the original discussion to try and dismantle this Rubik’s cube of a movie.

Top 25 Underrated Mindjob Movie List

I am going to miss this list! I need another list of movies to bring to you guys. Top 10 Marvel movies? Hahahah. Sorry. That was unacceptable. Um, what about Top 20 Closed Box films? Or what about the top 15 Indie post apocalyptic films? I know – we’ll do the Top 10 Nicolas Cage films – that list would start with Raising Arizona and end with Mandy, and there would be 10 number one films – it would be a surreal list.

Anyway, thanks for joining me the past 25 weeks!! It was a fun ride.

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