Nomis Night Hunter Movie Confusions Untangled

Nomis Night Hunter Movie Confusions Untangled - because during our collective Quarantine, we need movies to watch, and pronto. Quantity over Quality baby... give me movies!
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Nomis Night Hunter Movie Confusions Untangled. Oh how everyone loves to hate hate hate on this movie. Wow. And the number one reason this ultra-maligned movie is despised is because of just how inscrutable this thing is. And I’ll give you that, it does get a bit complicated. But it’s not so confusing that we can’t untangle it, so I’m not 100% sure why so much vitriol is being poured out on this movie. Let’s unpack this thing and see if we can make heads or tails out of it. OK? But for now, I know you are breathing into a bag, and just chomping at the bit to get to the answers…but just slow down. We’ll get there together.

But before we do, some of the people that come to this site actually are here hoping for movie recommendations. Like my recent effusive ululations (OK, that might have just been a bit over the top) for the “movie” I Am Not Okay With This. Or what about the movie, Come To Daddy? That was a fun one. Better yet! My 10 movie recommendations like the runaway Oscar winner Parasite! So, if you are curious as to whether or not this movie is worth your time, I’d say yes. Don’t let the loud dissent over at or dissuade you. Or heck, anywhere else. They all hate it.

I actually enjoyed it. But, to be honest – I didn’t expect much. I mean, it did star Henry Cavill after all! hahah. But as I was dragged through to the crazy finish, all without being given much of a break, I realized it was a bumpy, yet wild ride. If you enjoyed the premise of Hard Candy (I don’t think “enjoyed” is the correct verb there), then you are in good company. Because this thing is a Hard Candy mixed with a Se7en or something crazy like that. It’s 100% unbelievable. Like, not even a little. But it is a crazy, wild ride. And yes, it’s a cathartic roller coaster because, hey, who doesn’t love the sentiment of going after hardcore pedophiles? Ultimately, the fun of this asinine story is that it is a confusing cat and mouse game between a hardcore pedophile and the cops.

Haven’t seen the movie yet? Watch Nomis Night Hunter right here:

But, I’m guessing, that many of you saw this movie – went to the nearest search bar, and typed “What the heck just happened in the movie Night Hunter”, we should probably unpack it, walk it back, and figure it out together.

Nomis Night Hunter Walkthrough

The movie opens with a young lady running, in a shift, in the cold. And when she realizes she will be captured again, she leaps off a bridge to her death below. She lands on a lumber truck and is only discovered hundreds of miles later when the driver stops.

Jump to, Judge Michael Cooper (played by Ben Kingsley), who happens to conduct honeypot stings on pedophiles on the sly. Well, Lara (played by Eliana Jones), his ward, ends up being kidnapped as a result of one of their failed stings. Through the tracker in Lara’s earring, the super-police-man (hahaha) Marshall (Henry Cavill) – is able to find her. (This was the most dubious part of the entire movie – they tracked her with what? Drones? And cell tracking? Really?) When they find Lara, they also find a hive of other captive young women. They are all hidden within a mansion owned by Simon Stulls (played by Brendan Fletcher, who was in The Revenant). But Stulls is mentally a few fries short of a full happy meal. He’s just not all there. And when the police take Simon in, they begin collecting evidence against him in order to convict him of the abductions.

When technician, Matthew Quinn (Nathan Fillion) dies in a car bombing, the police start to realize that fellow officers are being targeted. And worst, when Glasow’s (Mpho Koaho) infant is abducted, he’s forced to free Simon in order to get her back. But after Simon murders his father – who raped his mother, which lead to her attempted suicide – he is recaptured by the police all over again. Oh, and by the way, Lara is missing again? How? What is going on here? There has got to be something else going on here that we are missing.

Well, Cooper is now completely coming unhinged having lost Lara twice. And believing that Simon was responsible, Cooper attacks the transport where Simon is. Which is when Cooper – and the audience simultaneously – discover that Simon is actually a pair of identical twins. One is behind the kidnappings, and the other is just a mentally disabled, and totally lost individual. Horribly, the twins murder Cooper, and then capture Rachel Chase (played by Alexandra Daddario known for her compelling role in Baywatch. OK, OK, that wasn’t fair, to her credit, she was also in my favorite season of Television history, True Detective Season 1.) before fleeing.

Then, Superman, I mean Marshall, tracks the twins to an icy lake, where they are holding Rachel and Lara hostage on the ice. Kerfulffle, craziness, Lara escapes, and Marshall is able to capture the mentally disabled brother. Marshall uses his captive to get Rachel’s release. Then, Marshall convinces his hostage to go and give his brother a hug. This causes the ice to crack, and both of them to fall through the ice, where they both drown. As the movie ends, Lara reads a letter written to her from Cooper, thanking her for all that she had done. Then, Marshall and Rachel go to visit Marshall’s daughter, hinting, loudly, that the two are in a relationship.

Few Final Thoughts on Nomis

Yes, this movie wasn’t the high art think piece that I sometimes discuss here at THiNC. You know, movies like: We’ve Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew, Parasite, or Enemy. But I didn’t see the twin thing coming – like at all. And I was genuinely flummoxed as to what might be going on until the twins were revealed. It was a fun ride…sure, it wasn’t a Se7en, even if it aspired to be. But I still enjoyed it all the same. And the fact that everyone is dumping on it makes me like it all the more. Sure, I’m not a Superman fan. But everyone else in this movie did a great job pulling this reality together. I generally dug it.

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