THiNC. Bespoke Movie Recommendations – #2

Are you interested in getting a movie recommendation or two? Consider signing up for my Patreon account. I’m starting to do them as a reward for supporting the site, and pledging to keep the movie recommendations coming. Last week I did one to kick things off for my hair-cutter. She’s already shouted that she’s watched two of the films and loved them both. So PHEW! My hair is safe when I go back again next!! hahaha. Alright, let’s do this – THiNC. Bespoke Movie Recommendations – #2!!

Today’s Bespoke Movie recommendation is the second in a series, wherein I do my best to learn about the particular person in question and then try and recommend movies that would make their propeller spin. This week it is a long time reader – Lisa that is joining us for the BESPOKE TREATMENT.

Everyone say hello to Lisa. Lisa! Say hello to everyone. So, I’m going to just say this right up front. I knew that Lisa would be a bit of a tough nut to crack. She’s been an avid reader here at THiNC. for a while now, and knows all my go-to ponies – and all my insider tricks. She recommends movies. She calls me out on my less than perfect recommendations! So, she knows there is a man behind the curtain here at THiNC. – and that this particular man behind the curtain shouldn’t necessarily be trusted! hahaha.

Though, when she volunteered for this experience, she made it clear right away that she really enjoyed movies that threw right hooks at the audience. For her the keyword is “SURPRISES.” OK, that’s good, I can work with that… I know a lot about movies with surprises. The question is though, how would I go about finding a surprise that she hadn’t seen before? And to do this I figured I’d just go with the law of averages. I figured that if I just threw enough movies at her I was bound to find a few she hadn’t seen before. 

Alright, so how did I start this off? Well, I needed to get a gauge for which way the wind was going – and so I asked her about thirty different movies – and if you are curious what they were, here they are:

And I even threw in Forrest Gump at the end because I couldn’t help myself. She knew though I hate that movie. Kudos to you Lisa. You didn’t step on that land mine. Almost all thirty of those movies are movies that I’ve covered here extensively, but I asked her to rate these movies and tell me which ones she’s seen and which ones she hadn’t yet. And it was these scores that helped me triangulate on where I thought maybe her best flicks would come from. And based on her scores – the ones she rated all the highest were: Get Out, The Game, Arrival, Source Code, Discovery, ARQ, Perfection, Certified Copy, 10×10, Elizabeth Harvest, and Hard Candy. 

But each one was dramatically different from the other. Hrmmm. They all had surprises, but were totally different after that. 10×10 is a closed box mind job. Hard Candy is a frontal lobotomy wrapped in a slick movie facade. Arrival is a huge budget Hollywood blockbuster. And ARQ is a time loop that is so tightly wound you might need a chiropractor afterwards. So how could I possibly come up with a recommendation out of all this?? Glad you asked. Maybe by delving into each of her favorites, and using them to seed 3 other movie suggestions. Yeah, that’s right, today’s Bespoke Movie recommendation for Lisa are 33 distinct surprise movies for her to wade through. But, knowing Lisa, I’m sure she’s seen 80% of them! Which, if my math is right, we’ll maybe find 6 or 7 movies she hasn’t seen before! hahah. But the bonus for you guys is that you get 33 free movie recommendations. I mean, other than the price of the Patreon entry that is. Alright, from here on out – I’m going to hold my movie recommendations for my Patreon members. But don’t worry – if $5 is too much to support THiNC. – I’ll reveal the recommendations in a month or so. (Remind me if I forget.) Until then… (Taylor from the future… it’s unlocked now.)

In the mini info-graphic below – I have showed which movies spawned which movie recommendations – and reveal the movie recommendations I have selected for Lisa:

THiNC. Bespoke Movie Recommendations – #2

The movie I am most certain Lisa will like the most is the last one… Side Effects. But we’ll have to get her to tell us after she watches all the movies in the list that she hasn’t seen. Sound like a plan Lisa? Make sure you swing back through and let us know. Alright, with that, episode 2 of our THiNC. Bespoke Movie recommendations is complete. I’m really hoping the next person we do this for is a little bit easier! hahaha. Alright, there you have it everyone? THiNC. Bespoke Movie Recommendations – #2!

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