The Night Eats the World Reviewed and Discussed

The Night Eats the World is an introspective, thoughtful turn on the standard zombie movie trope. And yet, it also has a number of tricks up its sleeve as well. It's a worthwhile watch for sure.

100 Movie Recommendations Poster

THiNC. helps people find new and interesting movies that will make you think - as well as entertain. And here is our definitive list of 100 movie recommendations for over 180 hours of viewing pleasure.

Micro Short Film Salt Might Just Break You

Salt is a brilliant new micro short film that will hit you with a ton of bricks coming straight out of the shoot. More tension here than most 100 minute marvels. So good.

Thoughts on Homecoming from Amazon

Thoughts on Homecoming television show from Amazon - a deep dive discussion about what exactly happened at the end of the film and why.