End of Year Best of Movie List 2019

A week or two ago I pitched you guys for help. And so far, we’ve got a nice little pile of movies going. And I’ve already watched one or two I missed from this past year. But I still want more of you to jump in. I want all of the movie to belong to us! (Meme alert). So I am bumping my original request for your favorite movies of the year.

Personally – if given my druthers – I’d probably make the list 100% Captive State, top to bottom. Just over and over again. I loved that movie so much. Heck, I might still pull rank and do it anyway. But that is why you should put a comment as to your favorite movie of the year. (I am going to give props to Uniconinja for his Freaks recommendation. That movie lit me up like a Christmas tree. So much goodness there. So thanks for that tip amigo. Really appreciated that.)

Alright – so far – we have the list that I gave you which, was, something like this one:

Dark Season 2, Time Trap, Mirage, Still, The Wind, Starfish, Paradise Hills, The Hole In the Ground, Midsommar, Bandersnatch, Captive State, Serenity, I am Mother, Braid, Standoff at Sparrow Creek, Izzy Gets the F@#$ Across Town, US, White Chamber, Faults, Remainder, Joker, Knives Out, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The King, Ad Astra

And the list so far that you guys have created goes something like this:

Alright – so, the list isn’t too bad. But, it’d be cooler if we could get more. Need to get the list to two hundred people! Come on people! hahaha. Nah, just want to make sure as many people as possible are included.

So either comment here – or at the previous post. Whichever, and I’ll compile them together for us! Thanks for your film favorites of 2019!! Can’t wait to see the rest.


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