Short Film

Shane Carruth Short Film Finally Released

The film is about our endless quest for more. This character has a void in his life—obviously at the beginning of the film he's missing something profound—and the pyramid fulfills that, somehow. But our man keeps asking for more—Why can't I make a little money on the side?

Modern Hero Interview With Ramin Serry

The first script was actually a wedding movie, where the son comes back from the future and tries to break up his parents’ marriage because he knows it is going to turn out badly. But that idea led to some major confusion over how the story could play out logically. Somehow I stumbled upon the idea that maybe the son should be desperately trying to save his own life.

The Controller Picked Up By Fox

The Controller Picked Up By Fox Recently we've seen a number of avant garde films getting picked up after their short debut on the internet. I'm thinking Sundays (which the director and producers just emailed ...

Free Diving Movie Free Fall

"I think mainly about the safety divers and whether or not I'll have to use them or not." And William Trubridge, the current no fins world record holder (101 meters) says that he does a lot of mind training so that he can access the subconscious portion of his brain and turn off the voices in his head.

Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux

Man, there is just so much blooming talent on this planet. It really is quite amazing. Check out this fascinating short from Gwenn Germain. Love everything about it

Sundays The Next Feature Length Sensation

"The past, is written in books... the books that survive. This is the truth that has made us Kings. We trust that our memories are real. That our pictures speak a thousand words. And what they say will be the truth. We trust that when people say they love us, they mean it. Not just in their heads, but in their hearts."

Action Hero Cliches Skewered In This Short Film

I've tried watching this twice all the way through, but each time I was "working" and I was laughing way way too hard to finish it. Patrick Warburton just slays me every time I see his face. And to have him play this part, he just nails it. Highly recommend this little short sketch of a film. I promise you will recognize every single one of the clichés. Promise.

Short Film Find Record Play – Jesse Atlas Interview

The concept is another space time travel idea, but this time the story deals with salvation and intervention in the face of impending and inevitable doom. Record/Play manages to touch on so many rich concepts and ideas so quickly that I hope that Aaron Wolfe and Jesse Atlas are able to see some of their ideas make it to the big screen some day soon.

Rabbit and Deer Short Film Interview With Péter Vácz

I think your answer is great. The two characters were partly based on my previous love relationship/on us, and she had a quite different personality from mine but that's what inspired me to be with her. To learn something from another person who I can respect, who can show me the world, little things the way I haven't seen them before and bring the best out of me. And it's one of the best things in life if this need for sharing is mutual from both sides. (Well she did textile design and I make films...which is quite different, but at least both are art in a way)According to your children's question I think they wanted to know why R&D didn't 'do the fun stuff' anymore together since it's hard to accept or see when something good ends (changes).

Short Film Find Polis – Interview with Steven Ilous

What's the next big thing you would need to hear or have happen to move you guys towards a feature length expansion of Polis? -- Well, we won the competition so that is very exciting news. We are just starting the journey of making POLIS. We cant say too much but we're excited by all the support and producers involved.

Short Film Find Interview Confusion Through Sand

Short Film Find Interview Confusion Through Sand Every now and again you experience something so new and innovative you reevaluate everything you've seen before.  Confusion Through Sand is like that.  At fir...

Short Film Find Isolated

We think it's all about the story. We honed it until we thought it was good enough. Then we figured out how to make it, and cgi was the shortest path.

Short Film Find – Interview With A Time Traveler

Selfishly could you please tell me what happened on the corner of Main and 59th? My theory is that Paul's son died through some screw up of his. Maybe he had an opportunity to save his son and he didn't? Care to share any thoughts on that? Or maybe I should just contact Peter (writer for IWTT) on that front?

Everything everything and everything review

Everything everything and everything review - It says a ton about life, and being human. It speaks to man's tendency to abuse the holy in our lives, and to harness it all ultimately for really shallow purposes.