Short Film

Everything everything and everything review

Everything everything and everything review - It says a ton about life, and being human. It speaks to man's tendency to abuse the holy in our lives, and to harness it all ultimately for really shallow purposes.

Everything & Everything & Everything & Carruth

So I caught wind that there was a new short called Everything & Everything & Everything and um... Carruth is in it. After falling on the floor, and self-administering an intracardiac injection of epinephrine... I literally emailed everyone in Hollywood associated with the movie I could get my hands on. (I seriously did. I'm sure I'm now on all of the major motion picture house's spam blockers. I kid you not.)

Time Travel Goes Awry in Double Trouble Kickstarter

Time Travel Goes Awry in Double Trouble Kickstarter - Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft are Swedish filmmakeers that created the short film “Double Trouble” to investigate the humorous fallout of a young man who suddenly is enabled with the power of time travel. Obviously there is a girl involved. And obviously this flight of fancy was funded by a Kickstarter project.

Ambition Sci-Fi Magical Short

Ambition Sci-Fi Magical Short - Oh my marvelous creator this video is awesome. I just can't get enough of these pixels. The special effects, the scenery, the story, the all of it!! Gah. I want there to be 100 minutes of this. Just these two characters chatting about their powers and discussing science. I want Neo to make an appearance, and I want these two sorcerers to LAUGH at his silly bullet time capabilities.