What Would You Levitate If You Could

What would you levitate if you could?

This so isn’t a theoretical question. What would you levitate if you could? By the way, you can only levitate 20 pounds. Still, that would be an amazingly cool super power. You wouldn’t have the chops to take on Superman or anything, but you’d be the toast of the yearly neighborhood party all the same. I mean, LEVITATION! That is awesome. Regardless, here is a literal product to let you do exactly that… levitate a full twenty pounds of anything. Epic cool.

The question reminds me of a couple of books and movies based on the idea. The most obvious being Chronicle.  Or maybe my own little book called Glitches?  (Pardon the self promotion!  haha.)

If you’d like to purchase this device – you can find it over at: http://www.crealev.com/

So what would you levitate if you could? Me?  I would levitate a ton of stuff if given the chance.  Like all my iDevices…






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