Timecrimes Movie Explanation and Interview With Nacho Vigalondo

When I first watched TimeCrimes, I was struggling to understand if the TimeCrimes time travel system was deterministic or if time could actually change as the movie moved forward. A lot of this confusion centered around the young woman... who she was, how many times did she die? Did she die at all? Was Hector's wife killed and then saved? Was she killed at all? Etc. I also wasn't sure how the time machine worked. But seeing as though this was the first time that a "vertibrate had entered" the machine, they didn't understand it either.

The One I Love Reviewed and Explained

Recently I have fallen in love with a completely different kind of movie. It should be said that I was simultaneously falling out of love with a completely different kind of movie... The big big budget bombastic super hero movie. If you've been following me AT ALL you already know this particular point because I haven't shut up about my disappointment in that particular arena. But the one area of movie-dom that has just been rocking my socks off has been these cheap upstarts, with phenomenal scripts, incredible ideas, and terrific acting all the way around.

In Praise of Coherence or Decoherence

An individual by the name of Ward Byrkit was the think tank behind this particular movie. I tell you his name because he basically has zero film credits on his resume. He's spent time working for Gore Verbinski in the art department. He also did a voice in Rango. But besides that he is a Hollywood outsider. So Ward is sitting in the art department and he's thinking... hrm. "I wonder what would happen if I created a movie without a crew... and without a script." Literally. (So literally, I just quoted him.) Oh, and by the way, not only that, but can I also shoot the movie for free?
edge of tomorrow ending explained

The Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat) Time Travel and Ending Explained

The Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat) Time Travel and Ending Explained - the concept is simple, but in practice it is truly complex. The Edge of Tomorrow is a time travel nightmare of nests and perpetual loops that cause one's head to explode if you think about it too long. Join us as we untangle the Tom Cruise's latest blockbuster movie and we explain the definitive unraveling of this fantastic movie.

Gravity Movie Review Sandra Bullock

Alright, you get the idea. This wasn't a movie. It was an event. The story maybe stretched it a teensy bit in stringing one chaotic event after another but, dang. To put this in perspective... the opening shot is 13 minutes long. THIRTEEN MINUTES without a cut.
side effects move review

Side Effects Movie Review

Side Effects Movie Review This movie needs to be seen.  It needs to have people back up to movie rental stores and overpay in the millions.  Checks need to be written and mailed in to the production company th...
before sunrise

Before Sunrise Sunset and Midnight Review

Before Sunrise Sunset and Midnight Review Quick update - at the halfway point if the year it looks as though IndieWire, and a number of other significant movie blogs, have "Before Midnight" and "Upstream Col...

A Primer Movie Primer

A Primer Movie Primer - a discussion of one of the greatest movies of all time, Primer. Theories, diagrams and investigations. A Primer Movie Primer.

Inception Totems Explanation

Join us for an Inception Totems Explanation - each totem is unique and as different as the character - but what is Cobb's totem?!? Come find out.

Memento Explained

Memento Explained is an attempt at deconstructing one of the greatest movies ever. Nolan's masterpiece, Memento is confusing but can be explained.

7 Dream Layers of Inception

There are 7 Layers of Inception - promise. Are you confused about what is going on in Nolan's movie Inception? Join us as we dissect each one.

The Prestige Explained

The Prestige is either well-crafted and intensely intelligent, or the worst movie of the third millennium. Either its terrible science fiction or absolutely brilliant drama set in a historical time and location. It is one or the other, it can't be both.