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Non-profit Overnight Website Challenge

See. This is what I’m talking about. This is a company out of MN that is throwing the gauntlet down. They’ve brought in 120 web professionals and donated the diggs and the computers.  The web…

Cutting Edge Non-Profit Development

What is keeping us from creating a non-profit company that develops and releases for free (or close to free) solutions without bias or agenda? Basically these solutions could be open-source wins for Churches trying to…

Non-Profit Web 2.0 Intentionality

Many companies today dive into web2.0 (blogging, twitter, viral media campaigns, social networking) experiments because others are. Not for any underlying reason. It is important to be intentional about our efforts within this arena. Go…

Redesigning the Box

Heck, they are so outside the box they occassionally redesign "the box" as exemplified by the above milk box experiment. Just love the solid coloring and evocative white on the face. The type is a…

37 Signals Has it Right

37 Signals Has it Right - a truly phenomenal business perspective and model.

Guerrilla Labs – Monetizing Donations

So I had a thought. What if the Christian Technical community came together and donated time towards a money making - for profit company whose sole purpose was to give money away? Hrmm.

Bejeweled Blitz Tips

Popcap Games recently released a version of their viral favorite Bejeweled to Facebook. This time the company took a new direction with the title and put a 60 second limit on the game. Think of…


Malcom Gladwell's new book Outliers is a must read - because it turns the American Dream on its head... inside out and upside down. Good stuff Malcom. Keep it up.