A Random Movie List For Krissy and Spence

This might be the strangest post I’ve done out here on THiNC. Nope. Actually not quite. But only just barely. I once did a post entitled, and I quote: “The millennial Matisse” – An exposition as to the social, cultural, and artistic impact of cinematic savant Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson” on a dare. But this is a different sort of weird for THiNC.

This is my attempt at answering a question in the hallway that went something like this: “Uh, Taylor, you are long overdue for a movie recommendation list.” And when I told her to just go look at my THiNC. Recommendations Page – which is a list of all the approved movies I recommend in general – I realized those are good, but not the best movies of the past year. “Not that one.” “Maybe that one. “Definitely that one…” And so I realized that the list could use some curating. So think of this like a mix tape ode to the past year of fantastic movies that will make you think. That is, if you were around in the 80’s, and have a clue what a mix tape even is. Cough.

Even better, let’s see if we can guilt Krissy and Spence into giving us a review score for each and every one! Hey everybody… if you’d like to see Krissy’s score added after she and Spence have watched each one, why don’t you make a comment imploring them to do just that. (heheheheh. Sometimes I am so funny. This is going to go over like a led zeppelin.) Anyway, here is the tightly curated, hand selected, bespoke movie recommendation list for Krissy and Spence… oh, and you too. I guess. heh. 

First Reformed

First Reformed might just be the best movie of this past year. It’s the one movie that continuously comes to mind quickly and easily when people ask for movie recommendations. I guarantee you that Ethan Hawk will get at the very least a Oscar nomination for best actor with this role. IMDB


Sometimes we all need to be completely crushed by a story. And that is literally what happens here in this crazy movie about refugees and the fallout of war rippling through this fictional Middle East country. Oh, and by the way, it’s created by Denis Villeneuve. Boom. Why are we still talking? IMDB

My Cousin Rachel

My Cousin Rachel is a low key, slow boil movie, with an intriguing right hook of an ending. It is a period piece, about a sudden marriage, a sudden death, and the psychological chaos about the potential will that is up for grabs. It’s definitely worthy of a conversation anyway. IMDB

American Animals

American Animals is the leader in a cutting edge new style of documentaries in the school of I, Tonya. It tells the story of a group of college students intent on stealing several extraordinarily valuable books from the school’s rare books room at the library. But then nothing goes to plan. IMDB

Why Donald Cried

Sometimes a movie is so different, and so eye opening as to what’s possible, it catches you completely off guard. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World is another one of those. But this movie defies description. Just watch it. Don’t make me beg. Because that’ll get ugly fast. IMDB

A Ghost Story

How does one explain A Ghost Story? It’s a quiet, reflecting mind job of a film about loss and longing. It’s a story about loving and letting go. It’s a story about Casey Affleck walking around this movie in a sheet, and it working. Yeah, it’s really effective. IMDB


10×10 is a closed box, inside out sort of a movie. Yes, a guy takes a woman hostage. Yup. That happens. But there is way more going on here than that stereotypical setup. I promise, let this one play out and you might be surprised as to where it goes. IMDB

Martha Marcy May Marlene

This movie has a title problem. It’s literally impossible to remember. Miguel Manuel Moorehouse Maria. Or something. But its a great movie none the less. It’s all about a cult, a wandering soul and the questions of how deep this rabbit hole really goes. IMDB

It Comes At Night

This is a movie about humans being complete animals to one another. And the most civil thing going on in this movie? Are the zombies out on the periphery. Yeah. It’s one of those movies that is so intense, and so real, you might find yourself hating me for recommending it. But deal with it. This is an amazing movie. IMDB

Beatriz at Dinner

Different stratospheres don’t usually mix. Jocks don’t hang out with geeks (let me tell you about it.) Rich people don’t generally hang out with poor folk. But in Beatriz at Dinner, that is 100 percent what this is all about. Beatriz accidentally ends up at a high end dinner party and it goes about how you expect it to go. Yeah, horribly in pretty much every conceivable way. But it makes you think about your place in the world and your assumptions. IMDB

I, Origins

What if there was scientific proof of an afterlife? Or maybe there was a physical trait that could connect you to a former self? I’ve been on a bit of a Brit Marling tear since her amazing show, The OA hit Netflix. And this movie is no exception to the rule that she pretty much nails any role she goes after. Strong female leads are so rare, and yet, here we are. IMDB

A Quiet Place

I almost didn’t add this movie to the list it is so mainstream. And yet, this movie so utterly different, and so upside down. The screenplay authors are basically geniuses in my mind. Literal savants. Wunderkinds that don’t deserve us as movie audience members. Basically the hook here? Is that the planet is infested with aliens with hypersensitive hearing… and therefore, there is literally no dialog. None. IMDB

Killing of a Sacred Deer

Yeah. Hrm. This movie is an amazingly tough watch. And yet? This is Yorgos Lanthimos, Nicole Kidman, and Collin Farrell at their best. No, actually, the real star of this movie is our standin for a Greek god, Barry Keoghan. Wow. Please keep all hands in feet inside the car until the ride comes to a complete stop. IMDB

You Were Never Really Here

Joaquin Phoenix is a stunning watch. A low grade, constant boil. A righteous anger if ever I saw one. The story is about a hitman that specializes in finding trafficked women and distributing justice. Can a movie be horribly violent if we never really see the violence? Let me save you the hassle, the answer is a decisive yes. IMDB

Infinity Chamber

I tried to keep the ultra-low budget movies off this list. But Infinity Chamber is so clever it lapse itself 4 or 5 times over. A man wakes in a chamber, watched over by a “guard” of sorts. And of course, this man has no idea why he is there, or what is happening on the outside. But slowly his memory comes back and he realizes just how bad his situation really is. IMDB

The Endless

This one is a twofer. Start with the movie Resolution. Then watch The Endless. Low budget, big idea brilliance. In Resolution it is all about a best friend trying to get his buddy off of drugs. Until it isn’t about that anymore. And The Endless (which is the sequel of sorts) is about guys from Resolution, heading back to a cult they grew up in. And then everything goes horribly wrong. IMDB and IMDB

Elizabeth Harvest

This crazy movie is cut from a similar cloth to Ex Machina. A man marries a woman, and brings her home to her new house. But she quickly begins to realize that nothing is as it seems here in the house. The movie is based on the European story of Bluebeard and his seven wives. Yeah, I told you it was gonna get crazy. IMDB

The Spinning Man

A happily married professor, known for having many affairs with students, becomes the prime suspect when a young woman has gone missing. Normal affair, thriller mindjob, except, there might be more going on here than meets the eye? Great cast on this one – Mini Driver, Guy Pierce, Pierce Brosnan. Clever mind job, great actors, totally right hook ending… what else do you want people?!? IMDB

There you have it. Another great set of movies. I defy you to try and pull a better list than this from this past year. Hahah. Ok, sure. Maybe you could… but you didn’t. That’s the point. You didn’t. Let us know what you thought of them. And don’t forget to comment and cajole these two random, faceless individuals, into giving us their thoughts!